Annual costs associated with cat-borne diseases

Disease Specific issue Direct costs* Lost income Total
Toxoplasmosis Acute illness $8.7m $67.5m $76.2m
Congenital infection $5.9m $216m $221.9m
Traffic accidents $3,030m $184m $3,214m
Behavioural/mental health impacts of toxoplasmosis: Suicide and suicide attempts $299m $2,160m $2,459m
Schizophrenia $39.5m $39.7m $79.2m
Cat scratch disease $2.8m $2.7m $5.5m
Total $6,055.8m
Note: Cat roundworm would be included in this tally but no overall costs are available.
*Direct costs include medical, residential, therapeutic and other direct costs of the specific disease.