Regional Victoria moves to step 3:

Step Social, households & gatherings Work, hospitality & business Education When
3rd : 5 people from another nominated household allowed indoors as part of a social "bubble".
: 10 max. at oudoor gatherings.
: Outdoor contact and non-contact sports permitted for children, non-contact only for adult sport. Outdoor fitness for 10 max. Skate parks open.
: 10 max. at weddings.
: 20 max. at funerals.
: Outdoor gatherings allowed of up to 10 people (plus faith leader) permitted, places of worship open for private worship.
: Work from home if you can.
: Outdoor seated service allowed (50 max.) with restrictions of 1 person per 2m².
10 max. per space indoors, with density restrictions of 1 person per 4m².
: Some real estate activities permitted, outdoor auctions permitted based on gathering limits.
: All open, including beauty/personal care (with face coverings).
: Pre-approved venues and events permitted.
: Open, with caps based on social bubbles.
All business must have a COVIDSafe plan.
Childcare and early ed.: Open.
Schools: All students back onsite for Term 4.
Adult ed.: Remote learning where possible.
From 11.59pm Wednesday, September 16.