What are the restrictions where I live?

A non-exhaustive quick reference guide.

Households & gatherings Businesses & venues Travel More details
ACT : no limit.
: 200 max. at public gatherings
(excluding staff, trainers & spectators).
1 person per 4m² in indoor, 1 per 2m² outdoors.
: Max 200 in hospitality venues, excluding staff.
1 person per 4m² in indoor & 1 per 2m² outdoor spaces.
All states except Victoria can visit. Victorians banned, unless exempted by ACT Health. ACT advice
NSW : 20 max.
: 20 max. outdoors.
: 150 max. at weddings.
: 100 max. at funerals.
: recommended.
1 person per 4m² in indoor & outdoor spaces.
: 300 max.
(10 max. group booking).
1 person per 4m² indoors, 1 per 2m² outdoors with electronic entry.
: only while seated.
: 20 max. per gym class (must have hygiene marshall).
: 500 max. at community sport.
1 person per 4m² in indoor & outdoor spaces.
Entry to other states from NSW is restricted.
Check relevant state health site for details.
NSW advice
NT Unrestricted (up to 500 people). All businesses open if they have COVID-19 Safety Plan. Mandatory 14 day quarantine if arriving from a COVID-19 hotspot, at your own cost. Strict border controls for all arrivals to NT, including returning residents. NT advice
QLD : 40 max.
: 40 max.
10 max. for both in hotspots.
All businesses can open if they have a COVID Safe Plan.
& : Can now stand if eating or drinking.
1 person per 4m².
People can dance at year 12 formals and and of school events, as well as weddings (1 person per 4m²).
No entry if you've been in a COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 days, including any part of Victoria, NSW or ACT (QLD residents can return but must quarantine for 14 days).
Entry open for northern NSW border towns in buffer zone.
QLD advice
SA : 50 max.
: Unrestricted outdoors.
150 max. for weddings and funerals.
1 person per 2m²
Most businesses open, with some restrictions. People from all states/territories except Victoria can enter without quarantining.
70km buffer zone for those living in Victorian border communities.
SA advice
TAS : 20 max.
1 person per 2m²
1,000 max. undivided outdoor premises.
250 max. for undivided indoor premises.
1 person per 2m²
You need a QR code to enter Tasmania.
Border restrictions and quarantine may apply, depending on where you travel from.
TAS advice
VIC : Mandatory state-wide.

For regional Victoria:
: 2 adults (plus dependents) can visit your home, once a day.
: Gatherings of up to 10 outdoors.

For metropolitan Melbourne:
: No visitors, but people who live alone and single parents can have 1 nominated visitor as part of a "social bubble".
You can visit your partner.
: Gatherings of 10 outdoors, from a max. of 2 households. No time limit on exercise and socialising.
For regional Victoria:
All retail shops open.
: 40 people seated per indoor space (1 person per 4m²) and an outdoor cap of 70 (1 person per 2m²).
Table service only.
Outdoor community sport open for children, non-contact (1.5m distance) for adults.

For metropolitcan Melbourne:
: take-away only.
Most non-essential businesses and venues closed.
Non-essential retail closed, hairdressers reopen.
In metropolitan Melbourne, no travel beyond 25km from home except for work, medical care, caregiving, or to see your partner.
Travel beyond Victoria only possible with exemption.
Travel beyond Victoria, or in or out of metro Melbourne, only possible with exemption.
VIC advice
WA Unrestricted.
1 person per 2m².
: 50% capacity rule for major sport and entertainment venues.
1 person per 2m² (not including staff, unless venue has capacity of more than 500 people).
You can only enter the state with an exemption.
Restrictions on aged care visits may apply.
WA advice