Immunity passports

What are they?

Physical or digital documents that could be given to people who've recovered from COVID-19 to show they're immune from the disease for a period of time — probably about 12 months.

What would the benefit be?

The approximately 6,500 people with immunity in Australia could be cleared to work in frontline medical environments, transport, delivery and hospitality roles where they might otherwise be at risk.

What are the risks?

There is risk of discrimination in creating two classes of citizens. Those holding an immunity passport would be able to go about their lives in a relatively normal way, returning to work and possibly being able to travel.
But those without immunity passports would be subject to health restrictions and lockdowns while waiting for a vaccine to be developed in order to gain their immunity.
And there's also a risk it might encourage people to deliberately get infected with COVID-19 with the hope they can recover and be cleared for work.
Images: Wes Mountain/The Conversation CC-BY-ND