Do you respond better to more or less choice when making a decision?
Rate each statement from 1 to 6, where 1 equals "strongly disagree" and 6 equals "strongly agree".

I often evaluate my social interactions with others after they occur.*
I spend a great deal of time taking inventory of my positive and negative characteristics.
I like evaluating other people's plans.
I often compare myself with other people.
I spend much time thinking about ways others could improve themselves.*
I often critique work done by myself and others.
I often feel that I am being evaluated by others.
I am a critical person.
I am very self-critical and self-conscious about what I am saying.
I often think that other people's choices and decisions are wrong.
I often analyze the conversations I have had with others after they occur.*
When I meet a new person I usually evaluate how well he or she is doing on various dimensions (e.g., looks, achievements, social status, clothes).

*The original scale for this item has been slightly adjusted to make it more user friendly for this article.